Cami Condie

Professional Details

Title Associate Professor
Department School of Education
Office Sullivan Building SB 305C
Phone 978.542.2185
Photo of Cami Condie

Recent and Upcoming Courses

EDC 400 Literacy Development I
EDC 406 Literacy Development II
EDC 408 Culturally-responsive Instruction in Elementary and Early Childhood Classrooms
EDC 740 Literacy Methods in the Elementary Grades
EDC 831 Practicum II in Early Childhood Education
EDC 851 Practicum II in Elementary Education
EDU 600H Honors Research Seminar in Education
EDU 725 Introduction to Literacy Development
EDU 741C Literacy Assessment (all Levels)
EDU 840P Practicum for the Reading Specialist
EDU 999C Teaching Students to Write (pre K-12)

Professional Biography

Cami Condie graduated from Boston University with a doctorate in developmental studies, specializing in literacy education. She also earned a master's degree in literacy education and a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Brigham Young University in Utah. Prior to coming to Salem State, Cami was an elementary teacher and literacy specialist/coach in Las Vegas, Nevada. A qualitative researcher, her research is focused on content area reading and writing in the elementary grades, interventions for ELL students, and teacher knowledge of literacy. She also directs summer literacy programs for English language learners. This spring 2015, she is teaching EDU 250A Language and Literacy Development; EDU 300 Reading, Writing and Children’s Literature in the Elementary School; EDU 725 Introduction to Literacy Practices in Early Childhood and Elementary Education; as well as supervising student teachers in the reading practicum.