Report Incorrect Directory Information

An Incorrect Name, Title, Department, or Office Location

Name, title, department, and office location data is taken directly from the Employee Management System (EMS). To make a change to this information you have two options:

  1. If it is your own information that is incorrect, you may request an update to your EMS data yourself.
  2. You can ask the supervisor of the employee to update the information in the Employee Management System (EMS)
An Incorrect or Missing Phone Number

If a phone number is incorrect, please open a request with the Help Desk and provide the following information:

  • The type of phone number: Personnel or Department
  • The incorrect number and the name or department associated with it
  • The corrected information
I do not appear at all in the Directory

People with an active record in the Employee Management System (EMS) and should appear in the directory, barring the following exceptions:

  • Faculty who have not taught a course within the last six (6) terms are excluded from the directory.
  • Certain personnel are not automatically listed in the directory, such as contractors, volunteers, and student employees.

If you believe you should be listed in the directory, you can ask us to look into the issue by filling out the Additional Feedback or Question form below.

My email address appears as firstname.lastname instead of my username

Please be assured that the firstname.lastname email address is also correct. This convention is preferable for publishing for a couple of reasons:

  1. Fewer duplicate names - If Jane and John Smith both work for the university, it's better if the convention is jane.smith and john.smith than jsmith and jsmith2.
  2. No character limit - The username email address is limited to 14 characters. The firstname.lastname email address has no limit.

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way for people to choose which convention they prefer. The firstname.lastname is the convention that works best for all employees. It's also best if everyone sticks to the same convention.