Claire McCarthy

Professional Details

Title Visiting Lecturer
Department English
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Recent and Upcoming Courses

ENL 104 Summer Bridge Writers' Workshop
ENL 110 Foundations of Writing
ENL 316 Travel Writing
FYEN 100 First Year Seminar (english)

Professional Biography

I am a writer and editor with over 25 years of experience. I have been on staff of three publications and have earned bylines in national newspapers and magazines, including The Boston Globe, L.A. Times, and New York Post . I earned my M.S. from B.U. in broadcast journalism and have worked at four Boston TV stations. I have taught writing and communications skills in corporations and have been a professional speaker on a number of human development and communications subjects. I took a stand-up comedy course as a lark: it led to paid gigs  on the subject of humor in the workplace. I also was on the Boston standup circuit for a short time. I am truly enjoying teaching Composition II!

Professional Interests

I'm doing a self-study of the changes in and future of American journalism. This, of course, includes keeping on top of digital information and social media. I've included a news literacy component in my Comp II course. I hope to inspire discussion and writings about young people's role in democracy and the free press. 

In the past I have acted in and produced films and videos. 

Selected Publications

I was most recently editor of Northshore magazine, a lifestyle publication focused on north of Boston.

Personal Interests

Life-long learning, reading, creative writing, social discourse. I recently returned to watercolor painting.