Daniel Mulcare

Professional Details

Title Chairperson
Department Political Science
Office Meier Hall 333B
Phone 978.542.6675
Email daniel.mulcare@salemstate.edu
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Recent and Upcoming Courses

POL 110H Honors Understanding the Political World
POL 201 Introduction to American Politics
POL 305 Theories of Political Power
POL 313 American Political Parties
POL 314 The American Presidency
POL 316 The American Judicial System
POL 327 Race and American Politics
POL 328 Immigration and U.s. Politics
POL 500 Directed Study in Political Science

Professional Biography

Dr. Mulcare received his Ph.D. from the New School for Social Research. Prior to his time at Salem State, Dr. Mulcare taught at Temple University, Hunter College, New York University, and Eugene Lang College. He is an active member of the American Political Science Association. In 2014, he received the Outstanding Faculty Award. He teaches courses on American political institutions (the U.S. Congress, judicial system, presidency, and political parties) as well as specific policy areas (immigration and U.S. racial politics). He also teaches the department's Honor's course.

Professional Interests

Dr. Mulcare specializes in the study of American Political Development. More specifically, he is interested in how the politics of race and class have shaped U.S. ideology and political institutions. Coinciding with Salem State University's emphasis on student education, Dr. Mulcare's work also covers the scholarship of teaching and learning. Because of his interests in innovative teaching methods, Dr. Mulcare participated in many faculty learning communities, including those that covered team-based learning, critical thinking, and gamification.


During his tenure at Salem State University, Dr. Mulcare has had numerous responsibilites. He has served on numerous committees, including the College of Arts and Science Strategic Planning Committee, the Council on Teaching and Learning and the MSCA/Salem Chapter Executive Committee.

He has served/is serving as the faculty advisor to the Political Science Academy, College Democrats, and Science Fiction Club.

Selected Publications

Leisey, Monica, Daniel Mulcare, Lorrie Comeford and Sanjay Kudrimoti. 2014. “Exploring Team-Based Learning at a State University.” Interdisciplinary Journal of Teaching and Learning 4: 172-185.

Mulcare, Daniel. 2008. “Restricted Authority: Slavery Politics, Internal Improvements and the Limitation of National Administrative Capacity.” Political Research Quarterly 61: 671-685.

Selected Presentations

Mulcare, Daniel. “Critical Growth: Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Develop Deep Thinking.” APSA Teaching and Learning Conference, 2014.

Mulcare, Daniel and Kanishkan Sathasivam. “Assessing the Political Science Capstone Course: A Study at Salem State University.” APSA Teaching and Learning Conference, 2012.

Esterberg, Kristen, Marc Boots-Ebenfield, Daniel Mulcare, and Anurag Jain. “Cross-Generation Course Design – A Matrix for Reaching All of Today’s Students. American Association of State Colleges and Universities Conference, 2012.

Mulcare, Daniel.“Surveys as Problem-Based Learning Assignments,” APSA Teaching and Learning Conference, 2011.

Mulcare, Daniel. “Bounded Government: Slavery, Internal Improvements, and the Limitation of Federal Power,” Western Political Science Association Conference, 2007.

Personal Interests

As a native of Massachusetts, Dr. Mulcare is fond of local sports teams, especially the Red Sox. He also is an avid board gamer, moviegoer and pop culture observer. He is particularly interested in media culture and the new ways that information distribution influences how we interact with each other.