Joseph Gustafson

Professional Details

Title Assistant Professor
Department Criminal Justice
Office Harrington Building 321
Phone 978.542.7161

Recent and Upcoming Courses

CRJ 215 Criminal Justice Statistics
CRJ 325 Juvenile Justice
CRJ 330 Police and Society
CRJ 350 Introduction to Courts
CRJ 400 Research Methods
CRJ 401 Criminal Justice Research Ii: Statistics
CRJ 402 Drugs and Crime
CRJ 580 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CRJ 704 Juvenile Delinquency and Justice
CRJ 802 Criminal Law & the Judicial System
CRJ 810 Advanced Research Methods in Criminal Justice
CRJ 812 Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis
CRJ 813A Directed Study: Criminal Justice Thesis Preparation I
CRJ 813B Directed Study: Criminal Justice Thesis Preparation II
CRJ 875 Directed Study
FYCJ 100 First Year Seminar (criminal Justice)