Kathleen Schlenz

Professional Details

Title Instructor
Department Occupational Therapy
Office Harrington Building 303
Phone 978.542.6805
Email kathleen.schlenz@salemstate.edu

Recent and Upcoming Courses

OCT 300 Interprofessional Practice in the Context of Diversity and Social Justice
OCT 406 Conditions and Pathologies
OCT 407N Ot Analysis and Intervention I
OCT 411 Theoretical Principles of Occupation I
OCT 412 Theoretical Principles of Occupation II
OCT 413 Ot Analysis and Intervention II
OCT 704 Theoretical Principles of Ot Practice I
OCT 705 Ot Analysis & Intervention I
OCT 706 Theoretical Principles of Ot Practice II
OCT 707 Ot Analysis & Intervention II
OCT 712 Theoretical Principles of Occupation III
OCT 715 Ot Analysis and Intervention III
OCT 920 Capstone Seminar in Professional Practice