Kevin Silva

Professional Details

Title Assistant Professor
Department Sport and Movement Science
Office O'Keefe Complex 101
Phone 978.542.2879

Recent and Upcoming Courses

ATR 700 Functional Anatomy for Athletic Training
ATR 704 Neurological Examination & Immediate Care: Head, Maxillofacial & Cervical Spine
ATR 708 Clinical Examination & Diagnosis 1: Lower Extremity
ATR 710 Clinical Examination & Diagnosis Ii: Upper Extremity
ATR 716 Evidence-based Practice
ATR 720 Clinical Experience II
ATR 800 Research Methods I
ATR 802 Clinical Pathology & Pharmacology
ATR 804 Administration and Professionalism in Healthcare
ATR 814 Research Methods II
ATR 816 Clinical Experience IV
SMS 201 Perceptual Motor Learning
SMS 300 Kinesiology