Kristin Pangallo

Professional Details

Title Associate Professor
Department Chemistry and Physics
Office Meier Hall 248
Phone 978.542.2787
Photo of Kristin Pangallo

Recent and Upcoming Courses

CHE 130 General Chemistry I
CHE 321 Quantitative Analysis
CHE 570 Directed Study in Chemistry

Professional Interests

Pedagogical Interests:

  • Team-Based Learning (TBL)
    • Used in CHE 321: Quantitative Analysis
    • Poster presented at 2018 ACS Meeting in Boston:
  • Flipped Classrooms


Courses taught by Professor Pangallo at Salem State University

  • CHE 130: General Chemistry I
  • CHE 131: General Chemistry II
  • CHE 321: Quantitative Analysis
  • CHE 422: Instrumental Analysis
  • CHE 560: Chemistry Seminar
  • FYCH 100: First-Year Seminar (Chemistry)
    • Finding Truth: Sifting Through Spin, Bias, and Misinformation