Laurie Dickstein-Fischer

Professional Details

Title Assistant Professor
Department School of Education
Office Sullivan Building 300A
Phone 978.542.2789
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Recent and Upcoming Courses

EDG 900A School Adjustment Counseling Practicum I
EDG 900B School Adjustment Counseling Practicum II
EDG 900S Seminar I in School Adjustment Counseling
EDG 901A Practicum I School Adjustment Counseling for Lmhc and Social Workers
EDG 901S Seminar II in School Adjustment Counseling
EDU 968A School Counseling Practicum I
EDU 968B School Counseling Practicum II
EDU 969A Practicum Seminar in School Counseling I
EDU 969B Practicum Seminar in School Counseling II

Professional Biography

Dr. Laurie Dickstein-Fischer received her master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in school counseling and her PhD from Northeastern University in the combined counseling psychology and school psychology APA-accredited program. She is an assistant professor and is the program coordinator for the graduate school counseling program. She is pursuing research in the area of social interactions with technology and how it can improve psychological interventions. Dr. Dickstein-Fischer is also an experienced clinician and has worked with adults of all age ranges, across a broad spectrum of clinical presentation and using a number of treatment modalities. She trained and provided psychological interventions at Massachusetts Mental Health Center (Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry), Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Columbia Valley Community Health Department of Behavioral Medicine. She also provides consultation at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), guiding engineering students to apply psychological concepts to robotic modalities for interventions. In particular, she has served as the clinical lead for a collaborative project with WPI in developing the PABI (Penguin for Autism Behavioral Interventions) for assisting in autism interventions for children. For more information about Dr. Dickstein-Fischer, please visit her faculty profile




Assistant Professor & Program Director for School Counseling

Selected Publications

  • Dickstein-Fischer, L., Scott, K., & Connally, J (2019). Potential Benefits of School Counselor Consultation to Enhance Student Social Emotional Learning. The Practitioner Scholar: Journal of the International Trauma Training Institute.  1(2019), 40-60. 
  • Williams, C. & Dickstein-Fischer,L (2019). School Counselors' Perceptions of Necessary Attributes of Middle and High School. Nursing Educational Perspectives, 40 (1), 30-34. DOI 0.1097/01.NEP.0000000000000348
  • Dickstein-Fischer, L., Crone-Todd, D., Chapman, I., Fathima, A., & Fischer, G. (2018). Socially assistive robots: Current status and future prospects for autism interventions. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Health, 18 (5) 15-25. DOI
  • Williams, C. & Dickstein-Fischer. (2018). A National Study of School Counselors' Perceptions of  the Nursing Profession. Nurse Educator, 43(4), 191-195. Doi:10.1097/NNE.0000000000000476 
  • Dickstein-Fischer, L. A., (2018).  Three simple strategies to decrease anxiety though school counseling interventions. MASCA Counselor’s Notebook 55(4), 7-9.
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  • Dickstein-Fischer L, Gandomi K, Pereira R, Fathima A,  & Fischer GS (2017). Interactive Tracking for Robot-Assisted Autism Therapy. In Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Human Robot Interactions, ACM/IEEE, HRI, Vienna, Austria.
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  • Dickstein-Fischer, L., Su, H., Harrington, K., Huang, H., Cole, G., & Fischer, G. (2010, August). Cable-driven elastic parallel humanoid head with face tracking for Autism Spectrum Disorder interventions, In Proceedings of the 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Selected Presentations

  • Dickstein-Fischer, L. & Hains, R. (2019, November). Children, Gender Stereotypes, and Career Counseling: Media Literacy and Counter-Stereotypical Characters from a School Counseling Perspectve. Workshop presented at Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference, Providence RI.
  • Dickstein-Fischer, L. & Sott, K. (2019, November). Understanding and supporting children with anxiety in the classroom and beyond. Workshop presented at National Association for the Education of Young Children, Nashville, TN.
  • Cook, A., Dickstein-Fischer, L. & Krell, M (2019, April).Best Practices in School Counseling Supervision and Consultation. Workshop presented at the Massachusetts School Counselors Association, Hyannis, MA.
  • Hermann, M., Stone, C., Dickstein-Fischer, L., & Goodnough., G. (2018 ,July). Ethical Guidelines for School Counselor Educators. Workshop presented at the Annual American School Counselors Association Conference, Los Angles, CA.
  • Williams, C. & Dickstein-Fischer, L. (2017, November). I Want to Become a Nurse Campaign:  How School Nurses Can Shape Middle and High School Students’ Perceptions of Nursing. Presentation at MA Action Coalition (MAAC) summit. Fort Devens, MA.
  • Dickstein-Fischer, L. & Chapman, I. (2017,November). Preventing burnout among applied behavior analysis therapists: Is technology the answer? Poster presented at Ninth International Conference for Association for Behavior Analysis. Paris, France.
  • Dickstein-Fischer, L., Crone-Todd, D., Chapman, I., & Fischer, G. (2017,November). Do social robots have a place in the practice of Applied Behavior Analysis? Poster presented at Ninth International Conference for Association for Behavior Analysis. Paris, France
  • Dickstein-Fischer, L. (2017,November). Behavior Analysis to assist the military. Chair and CE Instructor for Workshop presented at Ninth International Conference for Association for Behavior Analysis. Paris, France
  • Hermann, M., Goodnough, G.,Dickstein-Fischer, L., & Dockery, D. (2017, October). Ethical Guidelines for Counselor Educators in School Counselor Training Programs. Workshop presented at the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference, Chicago, IL.