Michael Deere

Professional Details

Title Associate Professor
Department Philosophy
Office Sullivan Building 203B3
Phone 978.542.7141
Email michael.deere@salemstate.edu
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Recent and Upcoming Courses

FYPH 100 First Year Seminar (philosophy)
PHL 100 Introduction to Philosophy
PHL 125 Critical Reasoning
PHL 218 Medical Ethics
PHL 226 Symbolic Logic I: Propositional Logic
PHL 304 Existentialism
PHL 315 Reality and Knowledge
PHL 450 Special Topics
PHL 500 Tutorial, Readings and Research in Philosophy

Professional Biography

Dr. Michael Deere received his B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, GA. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from The Pennsylvania State University. He has been a professor at Salem State University since 2007. Dr. Deere is currently serving as Chairperson of the Philosophy Department, a position he has held since Fall 2013.

Professional Interests

Dr. Deere works primarily in the fields of Phenomenology and Metaphysics. Previous work has focused on the relation between pain and the phenomenological sense of the body. Currently, Dr. Deere is working on Heidegger's understanding of existence, and attempting to find time for a book on Nietzsche's notion of self-overcoming.


Dr. Deere serves as Chairperson for the Philosophy Department at Salem State University, a position he has held since Fall 2013. He also serves on the department Curriculum Committee, and he served for two years (2011-12) on the College Student Life Committee. He is a member of the American Philosophical Association, the Nordic Society for Phenomenology, and the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy.

Selected Publications

“Gappiness in Dimensional Accounts,” Epoche: A Journal in the History of Philosophy, 17:1, 2012.

What To Do With Philosophy: The Economic Value of the Liberal Arts. ASpect. Salem State University, October 2010.

Selected Presentations

“Singular Repetition and the Burden of Goodness,” Changing the Face of Philosophy: Celebrating Charles Scott as Teacher, Mentor, Scholar. Vanderbilt University, Spring 2012.

“Towards a Phenomenology of Pains and Bodies” Northern New England Philosophical Association Annual Conference.  Saint Anselm University.  October 2010.

Personal Interests

Dr. Deere has a peculiar passion for mini-golf. Other hobbies (when not playing mini-golf) include trips to the museum, cooking, and intensely doing nothing at all.