Michele Sweeney

Professional Details

Title Professor Emeritus
Department Healthcare Studies
Office Harrington Building 120
Phone 978.542.6582
Email michele.sweeney@salemstate.edu
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Recent and Upcoming Courses

BHS 101 Healthcare in the Us
BHS 203 Healthcare Seminar
BHS 520 Internship in Healthcare Studies
BHS 521 Internship

Professional Biography

Michele Sweeney, Ed.D. is the Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences at Salem State University.  As an associate dean, Dr. Sweeney's greatest interest lies in the advocacy of the liberal arts as well as the undergraduate student's first year experience.  She supports 20 departments in developing quality programming, and faculty initiatives.  

In addition to her adminstrative role, Dr. Sweeney also holds the title of Visiting Associate Professor in the Sport and Movement Science Department after having served as a full time faculty member from 1999-2010.  In the Sport and Movement Science's graduate program, Dr. Sweeney enjoys engaging K-12 educators in the creative thinking and integration of wellness education into the school culture using a 21st century achievement based curriculum and instructional design approach that is fully aligned with an institution's mission, strategic plan and desired outcomes. Dr. Sweeney has done extensive study in the area of constructivism as it relates to a specific teaching strategy named Tactical Games Approach or Teaching Games for Understanding.

Currently, Dr. Sweeney's professional energy has been spent on advocating for wellness education in higher education.  She is responsible for initiating a Wellness Advocacy Group, supported by McGraw Hill Education Group, and a yearly conference on College/University Wellness and Physical Activity Instructional Programs.  She has written national position papers, and led in the development of appropriate practice documents for leaders in the field.  She is currently working with professionals from institutions such as Virginia Tech, Georgia Southern, Texas Tech, Auburn University, Washington State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Indianapolis and Youngstown University to promote wellness education nationally.

Professional Interests

Dr. Sweeney's current professional interests include

K- 16 wellness education

The first year experience and the success of the first year university student

The liberal arts contribution to a university students' education

Physical activity as it relates to student retention

Team based learning

Constructivist pedagogical strategies


SMS 805  Curriculum and Instructional Design in Health and Physical Education

Personal Interests

Dr. Sweeney's personal interests include

choral singing

jewelry making

pottery making

Tia boxing

walking, swimming, and biking