Peter Kvetko

Professional Details

Title Professor
Department Music and Dance
Office Classroom Building 264
Phone 978.542.6570
Photo of Peter Kvetko

Recent and Upcoming Courses

FYMU 100 First Year Seminar (music)
MUS 112 Introduction to World Music
MUS 113H Honors Intro to World Music
MUS 123 World Music Skills Class
MUS 126 Applied Music for Music Minors
MUS 161 Applied Instrumental Music I
MUS 185 World Music Ensemble
MUS 320 History of Rock Music
MUS 383 Ear Training IV
MUS 470 Music and Culture
MUS 500 Directed Study

Professional Biography

B.A. in English (Wittenberg University) M.Mus. and Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology (Univ of Texas at Austin) Peter Kvetko teaches courses in ethnomusicology, directs the World Music Ensemble, and offers private lessons on sitar, tabla and mbira at Salem State University. His primary research interests focus on the popular music cultures of North India. He also performs Javanese gamelan music with Gamelan Laras Tentrem and traditional Shona music with Samanyanga Mbira Group. Dr. Kvetko joined the music department in 2007 and has also taught at Tufts, Wellesley, Brandeis, Northeastern, and the University of Texas at Austin.