Richard Giso

Professional Details

Title Visiting Lecturer
Department Childhood Education and Care
Office Sullivan Building 303
Photo of Richard Giso

Recent and Upcoming Courses

EDC 425 Children Literature and Social Justice
EDC 708 Early Childhood Med Pre-practicum
EDC 709 Early Childhood Med Pre-practicum II
EDC 714 Elementary Med Pre-practicum II
EDC 735 Early Chilhood 4+1 Pre-practicum I
EDC 736 Early Childhood 4+1 Pe Practicum II
EDC 829 Pre-kindergarten/kindergarten Practicum
EDC 830 Practicum I in Early Childhood Education
EDC 834 First/second Grade Practicum
EDU 739 Literacy Instructional Methods in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms
EDU 767 Literature for Children
EDU 840P Practicum for the Reading Specialist
EDU 840S Practicum Seminar for Reading Specialist
EDU 920X Practicum in Early Childhood Education
EEC 401 Preschool Practicum I
ENL 334 Literature for Young Children

Professional Biography

Richard Giso earned his undergraduate degree from Boston College and graduate degree from Salem State. He is in his 17th year of teaching in the Salem public schools. Currently he is teaching full time at the Carlton Innovation School in Salem. Prior to this he spent time in Salem’s public schools as a fourth-grade teacher, first-grade teacher, reading coach, and reading interventionist. In spring 2015, he is teaching EDU/ENG Children's Literature in the Elementary Grades; EDU961 Practicum Seminar in Elementary Education; and EDU860 Practicum Seminar in Reading.