Shelley Steenrod

Professional Details

Title Professor
Department School of Social Work
Office Lafayette Annex 205
Phone 978.542.7008
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Recent and Upcoming Courses

SWK 102 Social Welfare Past and Present
SWK 103 Professionalism, Communication and Ethics in Social Work
SWK 200 Social Services Volunteer Practice
SWK 455A Understanding Substance Use Disorders
SWK 510 Directed Study in the Generalist Approach
SWK 798 Advanced Standing Field Education I and Integrated Seminar I
SWK 799 Advanced Standing Field Education II and Integrated Seminar II
SWK 841 Field Education III & Integrated Seminar III
SWK 842 Field Education IV & Integrated Seminar IV

Professional Biography

Shelley Steenrod, Ph.D., LICSW is a substance abuse and addictions specialist with clinical, policy, and academic credentials. Dr. Steenrod received her doctorate from the Heller School for Social Welfare Policy at Brandeis University where she was a National Institute for Alcohol and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Trainee. She also holds a master in social work degree from Boston University. Dr. Steenrod is a Professor at Salem State College School of Social Work where she teaches substance abuse and other social work courses. As a licensed clinical social worker, Dr. Steenrod has direct experience working with individuals, groups and families with substance abuse problems.  Dr. Steenrod works with state and federal policy makers to improve services for substance abusing individuals especially women, cultural and ethnic minorities and individuals with co-occurring mental illness. Dr. Steenrod is currently a Behavioral Health Fellow with the Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Program (ADEP) at Boston University.   Her other academic interests are international adoption and child welfare.  

Professional Interests

1) Substance Use Disorders; 2) International Adoption; 3) Child Welfare 


Teaching, research and service to the university and larger community.  

Selected Publications

Steenrod, S. (2017).  Escaping from a harsh reality: Women and substance use disorder.  In S. Butler- Mokoro & L. Grant (Eds.), Feminist perspectives on social work practice. New York:  Oxford University Press.

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 Steenrod, S. & Pugatch, M.  (2008).  Substance abuse group parent workbook for the adolescent substance abuse program, Center for Adolescent Substance Abuse Research, Children’s Hospital Boston.  


Selected Presentations

Steenrod, S. & Mirick, R. (2016).  The Epidemic of Opiate Addiction: Implications for Child Welfare.  NASW-MA Symposium, April 8, Framingham, MA.

Steenrod, S. & Goldman, S. (2016).  Effective supervision in the education of human service workers.  NASW-MA Symposium, April 7, Framingham, MA.

Steenrod, S. & Mirick, R. (2015). The Epidemic of Opioid Addiction.  Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting.  October 18, Denver, CO.  

Steenrod, S. (2014).  Beyond “How old is she?”  The multiple dimensions of age in international adoption. Joint Council on International Children’s Services Conference, April 4, San Francisco, CA.

Steenrod, S (2011). Treatment protocols: Recipe or ingredient of quality care.  Treating the Addictions Conference, Harvard Medical School, March 14, Boston, MA. 

Steenrod, S. (2010).  Perceived competence of supervisors to educate students on substance use treatment.  Sixth International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision.  Adelphi University, Garden City, NY.  

Steenrod, S. (2008).   Supervision and substance abuse treatment in social work field education.  Presentation at the Council on Social Work Education.  November 1, Philadelphia, PA.


Personal Interests

Theater, books, cooking, nature.