Thea Popolizio

Professional Details

Title Assistant Professor
Department Biology
Phone 978.542.2991

Recent and Upcoming Courses

BIO 122 World of Cells
BIO 124 Human and Social Biology
BIO 131 Introduction to Organisms
BIO 214 Marine Biology
BIO 322 Biological Oceanography
BIO 326 Marine Botany
BIO 399 Travel-study Seminar: International Field Experiences in Biology
BIO 407 Directed Study in Biology
BIO 461 Introduction to Dna Barcoding
BIO 761 Dna Barcoding and Application
EDC 731 Secondary Science Education 4+1 Pre-practicum II
EDC 778 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science I
EDC 779 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science II
EDC 888P Practicum Experience in Secondary Science
EDC 888PS Practicum Seminar in Teaching Secondary Science