Zlatinka Blaber

Professional Details

Title Associate Professor
Department Accounting and Finance
Office Classroom Building 226
Phone 978.542.2625
Email zlatinka.blaber@salemstate.edu
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Recent and Upcoming Courses

ACC 106 Financial Accounting
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting
ACC 306 Cost Accounting
ACC 800 Accounting Analysis for Decision Making

Professional Biography

Zlatinka Blaber is an Associate Professor of Accounting at Salem State University. She obtained her Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Essex, United Kingdom in 2016 and her M.S. in Accountancy from San Diego State University, CA in 2008. She also has a M.A. in French from UCLA (2001) and a B.A. in European Studies and French from Mount Holyoke College, MA (1999). She has been a CPA with the Illinois Board of Accountancy since 2009. Prof. Blaber has taught accounting in Bulgaria in Eastern Europe, Singapore in South-East Asia, and the United States. 

Recent awards:

2021 McNamara Faculty Excellence Award in Emerging Teaching, Bertolon School of Business, Salem State University

2020 McNamara Faculty Excellence Award in Emerging Service, Bertolon School of Business, Salem State University

2019 McNamara Faculty Excellence Award in Emerging Research, Bertolon School of Business, Salem State University


  • American Accounting Association
  • American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)
  • Association for Asian Studies
  • Beta Alpha Psi
  • Eurasia Business and Economics Society
  • Financial Education Association
  • Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
  • Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Association

Grants and fellowships:

Faculty Fellow (2021-2022), American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), Global Civic Literacy Project and World101

$1,000 Salem State University internal grant for research publication image copyrights purchase, 26 May 2021

Five hours of statistical support for research findings analysis on environmental accounting. Internal grant from Salem State University, 20 April 2021

Equiv. $4,500 grant for participation in "Incorporating Japanese studies in the undergraduate curriculum" awarded by the Nippon Foundation, San Diego State University, CA, American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), 3-16 June 2019. Project summary available at: https://aascu.sdsu.edu/2019JSI/Fellows&Projects.html 

$4,000 summer research grant for project entitled “IT startups in Bulgaria: Management accounting and institutional entrepreneurship" awarded by the Center for Research and Creative Activities, Salem State University, June-August 2016

Grant and fellowship applications under review:

Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Fellowship - Norway, July 2022

Professional Interests

Pedagogical interests:

Kansai University's, Japan COIL online partnering fairs, SUNY's COIL online partnering fairs, and Riipen.com online experiential learning projects (mini internships) for my classes.

Research interests:

Healthcare accounting in England and the United States; management accounting and IT entrepreneurship in Bulgaria; the National Health Service commissioning in England; visual methods in accounting research; sustainability accounting, the Bloomberg terminal, etc.

Submissions reviewer for the following journals:

Accounting Education, USA

Journal of Business and Economic Studies, USA

Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting, USA

Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU) Commerce & Economics Review, Pakistan


Courses in Fall 2022:

Acc 202-04 and -06, Managerial Accounting (undergraduate class),

Acc 306, Cost Accounting (undergraduate class), and 

Acc 800-S1, Accounting Analysis for Decision Making (graduate class)

Fall 2022 Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) partnerships:

Acc 202-04 - Dr. Adrian Bercea's class, Kansai University, Osaka, Japan;

Acc 202-06 - Dr. Yuki Sasaki's class, Saga University, Japan;

Acc 306 - Prof. Iuliia Samoylik's class, Poltava State Agrarian Academy, the Ukraine;

Acc 800-S1 - Dr. Tankiso Moloi's class, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Fall 2022 Riipen.com experiential learning partnerships:

Acc 202-04 - Shoreline Marketing, Los Angeles, California and The Conscious Climber, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada;

Acc 202-06 -  Kemet Advanced Manufacturing, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Shumaker Business Consulting, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada;

Acc 306 - Exempler, LLC, Overland Park, Kansas;

Acc 800-S1 - The Climate Economy, Inc., Carbondale, Illinois, and Eagle Eye Chronos, Levis, Quebec, Canada.

Service and other responsibilities:

Member, Bertolon School of Business' Student Success Committee,

Member, Bertolon School of Business' Assessment Committee,

Faculty Adviser of the Salem State Student Accounting Association,

Academic Adviser of accounting concentration students,

Member, Accounting & Finance Department's Curriculum Committee,

Member, Faculty Learning Community Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), common Zoom lectures/activities with accounting classes from Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia (www.unicollaboration.org; Fall 2020 and Spring 2021),

Member, Faculty Learning Community Applying Project Management Strategies to One's Research (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020),

Member, Faculty Learning Community Post-ACUE Course "Effective Teaching Practices" Project: A Focus on Course Learning Objectives (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019).

Selected Publications


   Book chapters

Blaber, Z. and Samoilyk, I. (accepted and forthcoming) Cartoonathons as a leadership tool to inspire and guide accounting teams. Chapter in Vol. 4, Lead with a Sense of Humor. The Curious Academic Publishing. 

Blaber, Z. (accepted and forthcoming) Accounting cartoons, the Pathways Commission's vision of accounting, and advice for accounting majors. Chapter in the 2nd edition of the edited book, Accounting for the Curious High School and College Students: What Can You Do with This Major? The Undecided Student's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Career Path

Blaber, Z., 2021. Accounting classroom contests: Cartoons in need of captions and captions in need of cartoons. In: Teach Accounting with a Sense of Humor: Why (and How to) Be a Funnier and More Effective Teacher and Laugh All the Way to Your Classroom. K. Vaidya (ed.), Chapter 1. Available at: https://www.amazon.com/Teach-Accounting-Sense-Humor-Effective-ebook/dp/B098MB39F6 

   Professional articles

Palatnik, B. and Blaber, Z., 2022. Choosing between public and corporate accounting. New Jersey Society of CPAs. Available at: https://njcpa.org/article/2022/02/28/choosing-between-public-and-corporate-accounting

Blaber, Z., 2021. What skills stand out on business specialist resumes? Zippia.com. Available at: https://www.zippia.com/business-specialist-jobs/trends/

Palatnik, B. and Blaber, Z., 2021. Can non-financial ESG reporting have an impact on stock price or profitability? New Jersey Society of CPAs. September. Available at: https://www.njcpa.org/stayinformed/explore/topics/full-article/2021/09/16/can-non-financial-esg-reporting-have-an-impact-on-stock-price-or-profitability        

   Peer-reviewed journal articles          .

Blaber, Z., Gougoumanova, G. and Palatnik, B., 2021. COVID-19 editorial cartoons: Theories of humor perspectives. The Israeli Journal of Humor Research. 10(1), pp. 6-42. Available at: http://www.israeli-humor-studies.org/media/2-covid-19_cartoons.pdf 

Guven-Uslu, P., Blaber, Z. and Adhikari, P., 2020. Boundary spanners and calculative practices. Financial Accountability and Management. 36(4), pp. 439-460. Available at: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/faam.12266

Blaber, Z., Brady, D. and Gougoumanova, G., 2020. Stereotypical representations of the accountant in The New Yorker cartoons through time. Visual Studies. 35(4), pp. 359-373. Available at: https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/4RRCG6NRWUMXNARQZHXV/full?target=10.1080/1472586X.2020.1809508  

Tschakert, N., Blaber, Z. and Chen, L., 2019. Using engagement triggers in forensic accounting and fraud investigation classes. Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting. 11(3), pp. 465-483. Available at: http://web.nacva.com/JFIA/Issues/JFIA-2019-No3-6.pdf

Blaber, Z. N., Coleman, L. J., Manago, S. and Hess, K., 2019. Supply and demand of fake news: Review and implications for business research. Journal of Applied Business and Economics. 21(4), pp. 11-28. Available at: https://search.proquest.com/docview/2271749028/fulltextPDF/C0F3DC3D7FD843DDPQ/1?accountid=13661

Blaber, Z. and Brady, D. 2018. Student attitudes toward academic dishonesty at an American-style liberal-arts university in Bulgaria. Educational Alternatives. Vol. 16, pp. 69-89. Available at: https://www.scientific-publications.net/get/1000033/1538207555956499.pdf

   Ph.D. thesis

Blaber, Z. N., 2015. Hybrid professional identities and ‘calculative practices:’ The case of GPs in the English National Health Service acute care commissioning. University of Essex, UK. Available at: http://repository.essex.ac.uk/16269/ 

Invited presentations:

Blaber, Z., Tschakert, N., Alhassan, A. and Ahmad, A. (2020) The imagery of corporate looting in editorial cartoons: Rhetorical and semiotic analysis. To be presented on 3 February 2021 to the Accounting Research Group of Aston Business School, Birmingham, England.

Ph.D. accounting theses reviewer:

Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, Pakistan. Reviewed five Ph.D. thesis submissions.

Honors' thesis supervisor:

Herrera, J., 2017. The Portrayal of Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (1970’s-2010): A Look at The New Yorker’s Cartoons. Available at: https://digitalcommons.salemstate.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1173&context=honors_theses  

Selected Presentations

Conference presentations:

Blaber, Z. and Samoilyk, I. 2022. Collaborative online international learning (COIL) projects: Supporting disadvantaged and underrepresented business students as a substitute for study abroad. Youth in Science in a Time of War Online Conference, Lviv, the Ukraine, 18 May 2022. https://lpnu.ua/news/rada-molodykh-uchenykh-pry-mon-orhanizovuie-nich-molodizhnoi-nauky-2022-v-umovakh-viiny

Blaber, Z. and Samoylik, I. 2022. Collaborative online international learning (COIL) projects: Supporting disadvantaged and underrepresented business students as a substitute for study abroad. Chartered Association of Business Schools' (CABS) Learning, Teaching, and the Student Experience Conference, Belfast, Ireland, 24-25 May 2022

Blaber, Z., Palatnik, B. and Arnaoutakis, D. 2022. The experiential learning platform Riipen.com in accounting and business education. Chartered Association of Business Schools' (CABS) Learning, Teaching, and the Student Experience Conference, Belfast, Ireland, 24-25 May 2022

Palatnik, B. and Blaber, Z. 2021. Riipen.com as a platform for experiential learning in accounting and business education. Northeast Business & Economics Association, Stockton University, NJ, 4-6 November 2021

Palatnik, B., Blaber, Z. and Braverman, H. 2021. Output from a comprehensive research paper assignment in accounting classes: Grading rubrics-based outcomes. Northeast Business & Economics Association, Stockton University, NJ, 4-6 November 2021

Braverman, H., Palatnik, B. and Blaber, Z. 2021. Sustainability disclosures of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Faculty-Student Collaboration Symposium, American Accounting Association's Annual Meeting, online, 2-5 August 2021

Palatnik, B. and Blaber, Z. 2021. Classroom and experiential learning – utilizing Riipen.com to educate and motivate, Management & Organizational Behavior Teaching Society (MOBTS) Conference, online, 16-19 June 2021

Blaber, Z. 2021. Accounting classroom contests: Cartoons in need of captions and captions in need of cartoons. 2nd Games and Simulations in Accounting and Finance Education Virtual Conference, Aston Business School, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 20 April 2021

Braverman, H., Palatnik, B. and Blaber, Z. 2021. Sustainability disclosures of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 35th Eurasia Business and Economics Society Virtual Conference, Rome, Italy, 7-9 April 2021 

Arnaoutaki, D. and Blaber, Z. 2021. Toyota Motor's sustainability reporting: A Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Navigator perspective. 34th Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) Conference, Athens, Greece, 6-8 January 2021

Blaber, Z., Ahmad, A., Tschakert, N. and Alhassan, A., 2020. The imagery of fraud investigation in editorial cartoons: A Barthesian perspective. 4th Annual Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) Qualitative Research Conference "Bridging Knowledge and Experience through Qualitative Research." Kedah, Malaysia. Virtual Conference, 1-3 December 2020 (Best Paper n. 3 Award recipient)

Blaber, Z., Palatnik, B. and Alhassan, A., 2020. A research and writing skills improvement initiative in the accounting classroom: A Japan-focused collaborative research paper assignment. Financial Education Association (FEA) Virtual Conference, 17-19 September 2020

Blaber, Z., Brady, D. and Gougoumanova, G., 2020. Stereotypical representations of the accountant in the New Yorker cartoons through time. 30th Eurasia Business and Economics Society (EBES) Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 8-10 January 2020

Blaber, Z., Gougoumanova, G. and Brady, D., 2019. The image of the uninteresting and eccentric accountant in The New Yorker cartoons. 9th Annual International Conference on Accounting and Finance (AF 2019). Singapore, 15-16 July 2019

Guven-Uslu, P., Blaber, Z. and Adhikari, P., 2018. Boundary spanners and inter-organisational decision making. New Public Sector Seminar: Calculative Practice and the Shaping of Public Services. Institute of Public Sector Accounting Research (IPSAR) and the University of Edinburgh Business School, 8-9 November 2018

Li, Y., Chen, L. and Blaber, Z., 2017. Dilemma in the valuation of affordable housing: Seeking a model with mathematical complexity for tax assessment. 18th World Business Research Conference, San Francisco, CA, 2-3 November 2017 (paper recipient of the Global Review of Accounting and Finance Journal's Best Paper Certificate)

Blaber, Z. and Gougoumanova, G., 2017. The financing of learning at scale initiatives: Bulgaria’s Telerik Academy and Software University. American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences’ 24th Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, 23-26 March 2017

Pan, Y., Manago, S., Blaber, Z. and Montoya, J., 2016. A data mining approach for identifying at-risk students and improving student retention. Decision Sciences Institute 2016 Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, 19-22 November 2016

Blaber, Z., Gougoumanova, G., Kostov, E. and Jahanbakht, M., 2016. IT start-ups in Bulgaria: A case study on entrepreneurship. Collaboration Day Conference, Salem State University, MA, 20 October 2016

Blaber, Z., Guven-Uslu, P. and Adhikari, P., 2016. General Practitioners in English CCGs: Redefined professional identities? 8th Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference organized by the Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Melbourne, Australia, 13-14 July 2016

Personal Interests

International travel, gemology, botany, hybrid and electric vehicles, sustainable agriculture, sustainable living.